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File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: The PDF format was released in the 1990’s. It was designed to unify the process of exchanging files and make it independent of installed software and operating systems. In comparison with other formats, PDF keeps the initial document structure unchanged. With PDF you don’t need to worry about how your file looks once it’s printed or opened with another program.
Technical Details: Every PDF file comprises of a full description of a 2D document with a fixed-layout. The document may include either vector or raster images, hyperlinks, buttons, text blocks, diagrams, etc. It also includes a font replacement technology that allows fonts to be stored inside of the document. Starting from the version 1.4, PDF format also supports graphics transparency.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
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How-to guide

How to combine multiple PDFs into one document online:

  1. Open in your web browser.
  2. Click Choose Files to add PDFs stored on your hard drive.
  3. Import documents stored online by clicking one of the cloud storage service icons.
  4. Wait for your upload to complete, then click Merge PDFs Now!
  5. Choose what else you’d like to do with the resulting document.
  6. Click Continue Editing to edit, sign or share the document you’ve just created.
  7. Click Download PDF to save the document to your device’s hard drive.
  8. Click Start over again to merge another PDF file.

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What I like the most is undoubtedly the ability to merge docs without registering. Very fast and easy to use.



I have recently discovered this helpful tool and I’m pleased to use it. It’s free and availiable on my computer and phone. Now I can merge PDFs any time I need. It’s a time-saver!



This is a great tool for merging PDF files. Plus it’s free! What I like the the most is that it’s an online service that works through a web interface or its Google Chrome extension.

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How to Merge PDF Files

This is an online service for fast, free and easy combining several documents into the single one. Just import needed PDFs and combine a new file out of them.

How to Merge PDF Files Online

Alto Merge PDF is a web-based converter, which means you can upload files from the comfort of your mobile device or cloud storage, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Alto Merge PDF is straightforward and provides you with an intuitive interface. You can rearrange the documents you want to combine and place them in the desired order by using your touchscreen. In addition, you are provided with a step-by-step guide designed to help you get the best result with minimum effort. 

  1. Open the app in your browser and then click the orange Choose File button.
  2. Choose templates from your device or upload them from your preferred cloud storage.
  3. Wait a few seconds for your documents to upload, then click Merge PDFs Now!
  4. Click Start Over again in case you want to combine additional files into a single file.
  5. Click Work on your PDF to continue with editing.

The Alto Merge PDF application doesn’t require any registration - so you don’t have to waste your nerves on any time-consuming procedures. You also don’t need to make any payments or download anything because this PDF combiner is absolutely free and is easily accessible from any internet-connected device. After merging, you may edit, fill, or sign your templates. Add checkmarks, text boxes, dates, and other visual content to your documents using special editing tools provided by this platform.

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How to Merge PDF Files Using Google Chrome

You can now manage your documentation right from your Chrome browser. 

This can easily be done through the usage of extensions, which can be easily installed from the Chrome Web Store. The installation process takes minimal time, while giving you maximum results. Start by finding the Alto Merge extension via the search field by typing in “alto pdf”. Open the needed solution and click Add to Chrome.

In a minute, it will be added to your browser’s upper toolbar. Next, follow the step-by-step instructions given below:

  1. Click on the Alto extension logo and the pop-up window will appear. 
  2. Submit the Choose a file button and add the PDF from your device’s inner memory or Google Drive.
  3. Select the documents you want to combine. 
  4. Merge the PDFs using the corresponding button.
  5. Save the file to internal or cloud storage.

All uploaded documents are deleted when the operation is completed or when you reload the extension. The solution does not save files automatically since you need to specify the storage and folder for saving.

AltoMergePDF is a web-based solution that works in your browser, which means you do not need to install any software to your device or search for another online-solution. The needed option is always available in one click. 

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How to Merge PDF Files in Windows

You can insert a file in PDF format into your Office file as an attachment and resize the object. However, this does not necessarily mean you can edit it. To accomplish more complex tasks, you need to install additional software. To merge PDF documents on Windows, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader installed. You can download and install the Adobe Acrobat DC free trial. Then upload the PDF documents you want to merge to the app and choose the merging tools. 

  1. Download and install the Adobe Acrobat DC free trial.
  2. Once installed, open the app and select the Tools tab in the top left-hand corner.
  3. Click the Combine Files button. Then choose the blue Add Files button and choose the PDF documents you want to combine.

The latest Windows versions let you view PDF files in the Edge browser. However, this doesn't let you edit them. With Adobe Reader installed, you’ll have more options. For instance, you can specify a page range or add watermarks or bookmarks. However, the set of tools available within the app depends on the plan you choose. On the other hand, it’s much easier to merge documents with an online combiner that runs on any browser available for Windows, especially if it’s cheaper or even free.

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How to Merge PDF Files With Preview on Mac

Preview is one of the programs installed by default on Mac. This app works as a standard viewer. But at the same time, it allows you to perform editing with a document. For example, Preview allows you to mark up images with arrows and boxes, add your signature to a document or combine different files into a single PDF. With this program, you can easily merge two or more source files. Note, that Preview opens your files as a default program and you can merge docs with it. 

  1. Open the PDFs you want to merge in Preview.
  2. Click on View. Then select Thumbnails in the sidebar.
  3. To determine where to insert another document, select a page thumbnail.
  4. Click Edit. Then select Insert Page from File. Specify the document you want to add, and then click Open.
  5. To save the result, select File Export as PDF.

In case you have installed third-party software, Preview may not open your PDFs when you double click on them. Open Preview by right-clicking on the documents and use the Open With option and then Preview. There is also the option to merge part of a document with another one. Just drag the selected thumbnails into the sidebar of the other PDF and choose where you want them to appear. In case your computer is on Mac OS Sierra or earlier, drag the thumbnails directly onto a thumbnail in the other PDF. 

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How to Merge PDF Files With Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is an application from the Adobe family. This software requires downloading and installation. However, Adobe Reader works with Adobe Document Cloud, so you can save and merge your PDFs within several different devices using an internet connection. 

This app allows you to merge different types of content, including spreadsheets, web pages or videos, into a single PDF. You can work with Acrobat Reader through your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Tools that give you the option to reorder, delete or rotate PDFs are also available. 

  1. Within the app, click on the Tools menu and choose Combine Files.
  2. Select Combine Files, and then click on the Add Files button to select the templates you want to include in your PDF.
  3. Click, drag, and drop to record the samples and pages. Double-click on a file to expand and rearrange individual pages. Press the Delete key to remove unwanted content.
  4. When finished arranging samples, click Combine Files.
  5. Click the Save button.

You can organize pages by dragging and dropping their thumbnails. Even if you change your mind after your documents are merged, you can still rearrange the pages of a single PDF file. There are also editing tools available. For instance, you can add bookmarks, headers, page numbers or guide someone through your PDF document. Pages can be customized with backgrounds and watermarks. To use these features, choose one of the Acrobat DC plans. 

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How to Merge a PDF on the Phone

If you need to combine PDFs right now, the only chance is to use an online solution. With, do it from your mobile browser! This light solution allows you to merge up to five documents for free! 

Follow these simple instructions to merge PDFs on your phone: 

  1. Go to in your preferred browser. 
  2. Select the Choose File button and add the first file. 
  3. Repeat the previous step to upload more files. 
  4. Change the order by dragging their icons. 
  5. Hit the Merge PDFs Now! button. 
  6. Click Download PDF to save the file to your device. 
  7. Select additional options like 'Save Document As' to open it in the professional editor. 

Doing it this way is useful for people who need to merge PDFs on their phones without having to use any additional software. For many, it’s much faster to open the website and complete all the actions online than it is to install new programs. Using your phone’s mobile browser to merge the documents plays a critical role when you have an unstable internet connection, and surfing the AppStore or PlayMarket is hard.

The only extra thing you have to do is remember the URL. A simple solution to that is to add our website to your Favorites and never waste time searching for again. It will always be in your pocket, no matter where you are. 


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How to Merge PDF on iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can easily combine PDFs on your device with Alto. The only thing you need to use is an internet connection. Follow the steps below to merge PDFs on iOS devices without special software: 

  1. Open Safari or your preferred browser. 
  2. Go to 
  3. Click Choose File and upload the documents you want to combine.
  4. Rearrange documents by dragging them. 
  5. Select Merge Now and watch how fast we combine your files. 
  6. Tap Download Now to save the document.

Our platform never lies about price. All Alto services are free. That means no registration, subscriptions, credit cards, or annoying ads. Explore our services and use them freely. 

There is only one limitation. Files have to be less than 25 Mb or have less than 150 pages. 

Our user-friendly interface will impress you with its simplicity, merge PDFs on your iPhone without additional programs easily. Read our step-by-step guide once, and you’ll be ready to handle almost any type of merging need.


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How to Merge a PDF on an Android

You can easily merge PDFs on any Android device using a handy AltoMerge PDF application. Find it in the PlayMarket and click Install to add it to your device. In no time you’ll be able to combine samples right from your phone or tablet: 

  1. Open the app. Press the Choose File button to browse your device for the document you need. 
  2. If you have saved it on Google Drive, OneDrive or in Dropbox, click its icon to browse for your document.
  3. Add more files and rearrange them if needed. 
  4. When you’ve added all your samples, click Merge PDFs Now!
  5. Wait until it finishes merging, then select Download PDF to add it to your device. 
  6. Swipe down and discover additional options like filling and signing if needed. 

The whole process lasts just a few seconds. With its user-friendly interface, you will always be able to merge PDFs on your Android. 

Something that many users appreciate about the app is that it's absolutely free! No limitations on how many documents you can combine. 

The only thing you need to have is an internet connection. Please check your mobile traffic before using the Alto PDF app. 

Integrate AltoMerge with pdfFiller, where you can edit documents and even e-sign them. 

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The AltoMerge online solution is specifically designed to combine several individual PDF docs into one file as quickly and conveniently as possible. You don't even need to spend time installing or buying the software. You can work for free from any device anywhere in the world. Drag-and-drop your docs and click β€œMerge Now” and you'll get a new document in a matter of seconds.