Merging PDF Files for Free via Altomerge

Let’s say you have two different PDF documents, one with fifty pages of text and the second file is just a one page image. If you need to quickly combine these two files into one compact PDF document for your project, business proposal, contract, purchase order, or agreement, you’ll have to use some additional merger tools. The compact PDF is easier to send as an email attachment, share with your business partners, archive, edit and review.

There is a lot of PDF merging software on the Internet. If you don’t want to download costly programs, take time-consuming steps and read additional instructions, you can use online PDF merger tools. Altomerge is one of these tools which will make your everyday work easier. No need to search and download additional software and install it on your computer. Merge your files online and completely free.

Drag and drop the required PDFs to the designated box on the website, rearrange, separate or delete the document’s pages as you wish and click the merge button. Fast and easy, isn’t it? Moreover, with Altomerge free online PDF merger you can easily combine PDF files from any browser, on any operating system like Mac and Windows. This service also enables you to merge different formats of documents into one compact PDF so that you don’t need to use additional converter programs. If you don’t have access to your computer, you can merge PDFs on any Internet connected device, for example, your smartphone or tablet. This is a big advantage for your business or institution.

The Altomerge service can significantly reduce the time you spend on combining PDFs which means you’ll have more energy and resources for other important tasks.

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