Merge PDFs online, free and fast

Merge PDFs online, free and fast

The PDF merging process is an easy and simple task for those who use this service. The process is simple and intuitive, and in half of a minute, you get perfect results


Combine PDF files fast and securely

How to combine multiple PDFs into one document online

When you need to put several documents together into one report or send them as a united group to your partners or colleagues, there’s no need for you to spend time searching for solutions. Our service will help you complete a PDF merge in seconds for free, without any hassle or account registration. All you need to do is to drag and drop both forms to the platform, make one simple click, and download the newly-combined document. There’s no limit on the number of mergers you can do.

How to combine PDF files

  1. Click Choose File to upload the document or add it from the cloud.
  2. Repeat the action for the second template.
  3. Click Merge PDFs Now!.
  4. Wait a few seconds until the PDF combiner processes them.
  5. Download the united form or save it to the cloud.
  6. Proceed with adjustments, if needed.
  7. Click Start over again to merge another file.

Yes, it’s just as fast and simple as 1-2-3. And what’s even more important is that the service has a high level of data protection and keeps your information safe from third-party access. It also deletes all your records once you close or refresh the page so don’t worry about uploading forms with sensitive information. After each PDF merge, you can make extra adjustments, edit, add a legally-binding e-signature, or share right from the platform. Try it now!

Watch the video and learn how to quickly combine PDF files 

If you need to combine several PDFs into one without losing time and having to register an account, you’re in the right place. Watch the video guide on how to use our secure PDF combiner and make as many merges as you need for free.

The Ultimate Features Comparison Chart

If you’re looking for the best tool for merging PDFs free and quick, you can stop here. The list below includes the best online document management tools. Compare them and pick one that can get what you need to be done, done.

    Smallpdf Adobe
View & edit
Split PDF ✔ ✔ ✔
Merge PDF ✔ ✔ ✔
Combine & Reorder ✔ ❌ ❌
Extract Pages ✔ ❌ ❌
Compress PDF ✔ ✔ ❌
Rotate PDF ✔ ✔ ❌
No software downloads ✔ ✔ ❌
Cloud storage Unlimited No info No info
Price Free Free 7-Day Trial paid Free 7-Day Trial paid
Encryption and security ✔ ✔ ✔
Support 24/7/365 No info ✔
No ads ✔ ✔ ✔

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What I like the most is undoubtedly the ability to merge docs without registering. Very fast and easy to use.




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I have recently discovered this helpful tool and I’m pleased to use it. It’s free and availiable on my computer and phone. Now I can merge PDFs any time I need. It’s a time-saver!




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This is a great tool for merging PDF files. Plus it’s free! What I like the the most is that it’s an online service that works through a web interface or its Google Chrome extension.




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How to Merge PDF Files

This is an online service for fast, free and easy combining several documents into the single one. Just import needed PDFs and combine a new file out of them.

How to merge PDFs Online

Combining one beautiful template from multiple files takes less than minutes with the proper tool. Take advantage of a cloud-native solution and get the ability to merge PDF files no matter what device you use.

Look at the brief-instructions below and learn on how to merge PDFs for free without the usual hassle:

  1. Find our website. Enter AltoMerge in the search bar and follow the link.
  2. Upload a document. Select a PDF that should be combined.
  3. Upload another document.  Select another PDF that should be combined.
  4. Combine them. Click Merge PDFs Now! and wait for the process bar to load.
  5. Download. Save the combined result as a new file.

Use AltoMerge cause it’s free, unlimited, and secure. Combine as many docs as you want and feel confident knowing that all your data is deleted once you refresh the page. Get started now without registering, installing, or purchasing anything.

How to merge PDFs in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. People google everything from simple questions and how-tos to looking for complex information for massive research projects. In order to combine all that found knowledge into one file, use an online merger without having to install an extra app or register an account. 

Take a look at the point-by-point guidelines below to merge PDF documents in Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome. Go to 
  2. Select a PDF. Choose a document and add it. 
  3. Add another document. Click Choose File and repeat the previous step.
  4. Merge. Click Merge PDFs Now! to start the process. 
  5. Save. Download the resulting file to your device or the cloud.

Repeat the same steps no matter the browser you’re using to combine documents with AltoMerge. It’s an online solution (web-based) that provides you with a secure and free service. Upload your files and get high-quality documents in a snap.

How to merge PDFs in Windows

You can easily find software for merging PDF documents in Windows. But is it really worth it to find software? Think about the space it takes, the cost of a subscription, etc. To avoid too much hassle, use a free solution that’s web-based. 

Take a look at the steps below to combine files seamlessly in Windows: 

  1. Open a web browser. Find a professional tool by going to
  2. Upload a document. Click Choose File to upload a PDF. 
  3. Select another file. Choose another PDF file that you want to combine. 
  4. Manage pages. Rearrange pages so that they’re in the order you need them.
  5. Combine. Click Merge PDFs Now! to combine them. 
  6. Save it. Download your newly-created document.

AltoMerge erases your contracts, agreements, and anything else from our servers to keep data secure. It’ll process your PDFs properly, professionally, and securely. Merge PDF files easier than ever before.

How to merge PDFs in macOS

We all remember the days of having to print out PDF files and then rearrange them in the correct order before scanning them back to our computer. Not only did it take a lot of time, but it also wasted a lot of paper. Fortunately, now you can open up your Mac and merge PDF files or free and pretty quickly too.

Merge PDFs in macOS by following the steps below:

  1. Open Preview. Select a PDF and choose Open.
  2. Expand the list of pages. Click View and then Thumbnails in the menu. 
  3. Choose a page. Select where you want to add new content.
  4. Insert a page. Find the Insert File option by clicking Edit.
  5. Save. To apply the changes, click Export as and choose the format you prefer. 

Using Preview saves you a lot of money when it comes to online document management. Eliminate your paper-based workflow and go digital. For more professional tools, visit, it’s free, easy-to-use, and doesn’t require you to register an account. 

How to merge PDFs  in Adobe Reader

Using Adobe to merge PDF documents is a great idea if you’re ok with paying. Combining multiple files together is a premium feature that you can only use only with a subscription. Because Adobe created the PDF file, it holds a certain amount of prestige, thus resulting in higher subscription prices. 

Take a look at the how-to below to merge PDFs in Adobe Reader: 

  1. Open the app. Use the Tools menu and choose Combine Files.
  2. Upload files. Select the PDFs you want to combine by clicking on the Add Files button.
  3. Rearrange individual pages. Double-click a page to move and/or delete it.
  4. Finish. Click the Save button.

If you’re looking for a professional but free solution, consider checking out AltoMerge. There are thousands of services on the market for working with PDFs but AltoMerge is professional, fast, easy-to-use, and FREE. Try it out today. 

How to merge PDFs on mobile

Merging documents on-the-go isn’t as hard as it used to be. Use your smartphone and the internet to get it done. No need to register or install software or apps. Try out AltoMerge and get the ability to combine PDFs from anywhere whenever you need.

Follow the how-to below to manage PDFs on mobile: 

  1. Open a mobile browser. Visit in your preferred browser. 
  2. Upload a PDF. Click the Choose File button and add a file.
  3. Add another document. Click the same button to upload another PDF.
  4. Arrange pages. Drag icons to rearrange pages.
  5. Combine the PDFs. Click  Merge PDFs Now!  to start the process. 
  6. Save. Download the new PDF to your device or the cloud. 

You can use any browser to combine files without limitations. Our cloud-native solution makes it possible to pull and push data between the cloud and merger. Access all your data regardless of the device you’re on. Get started today! 

How to merge PDFs on iOS

Managing documents online doesn’t require 100 apps. With the right platform, you can get everything you need to operate like a professional. Heck, you don’t even need a computer!  Manage tasks on your iPhone or iPad just as easily. Check out AltoMerge, it’s an online solution (web-based) that helps users like yourself combine PDF files right from their preferred browser. 

Take a look at the steps below to start merging PDFs on iOS: 

  1. Open Safari. Open Safari or any other browser and go to
  2. Choose a File. Click Choose File and select a PDF to upload.
  3. Rearrange pages. Drag document icons to set them up in the right order.
  4. Combine. Click Merge PDFs Now! to start the process. 
  5. Apply changes. Save the result to your iPhone or iPad by clicking Download

If you need a free, safe, and easy-to-use solution, AltoMerge is ready to meet your needs. No matter where you are or what device you use, you can access your documents and manage them conveniently. 

How to merge PDFs on Android

AltoMerge is suitable for both iOS and Android. Online tools help you combine two or more files, rearrange pages, and get beautiful documents in just a few clicks. It’s also absolutely free. You don’t even need to enter your email, meaning no spam or annoying ads in your inbox.

Check out the steps below to start combing files on Android: 

  1. Choose a browser. Open your preferred browser and visit
  2. Add documents. Click Choose File to upload a PDF.
  3. Manage Pages. Drag pages until they’re where you need them to be. 
  4. Combine the files. Combine the files by clicking Merge PDFs Now!. 
  5. Save. Download the combined results to your smartphone or tablet.

If you like AltoMerge, you can also try other Alto solutions like the converters, splitter, compressor, etc. All of them are available for Android and are free. Manage and merge PDF documents electronically without paying a penny.


How can I merge two PDF files together?

If you want to merge files quickly, use an online tool. Try out AltoMerge and get the ability to combine PDFs from anywhere, right from your desktop or mobile with a strong internet connection. Click Choose a File to upload one and organize its pages in the way you need them. Download your newly merged document for free.